Is Bird’s Nest Custody Right for You?

Custody arrangements come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with joint custody being one of the most common. In a joint custody arrangement, parents share custody of their children by rotating the kids from one parent’s house to the other. Typically, one parent keeps the children during the weekday, with the other parent seeing the children during weekends and perhaps one day during the week.

The downside to this type of shared parenting arrangement is that the kids are constantly on the move. Many parents worry that moving back and forth between houses is exhausting for their kids. It can also be tough on parents who must keep track of schedules as well as which parent is handling pick-ups and drop-offs, holidays, practices, clothing, doctors’ visits, homework, vacations, and other everyday activities.

As most parents know, staying on top of these things when you live in one household is difficult enough – spreading it all between two houses can lead to logistical nightmares.

Bird’s Nest Custody

One solution to more traditional forms of joint custody is “bird’s nest custody.” As the name implies, bird’s nest custody places the children in one central location – the “family nest” – with mom and dad exercising their time with the kids in this central location. When a parent’s custody time ends, the parent leaves the kids in the central spot and return to his or her own separate residence.

One obstacle for parents contemplating a bird’s nest arrangement is determining where they will live when they’re not with the kids. In some families, the parents decide to share an apartment where each one will stay when they’re not with the children. In other situations, each parent purchases his or her own home with both contributing to the maintenance and upkeep of the family home.

Nebraska Family Law Lawyers

Custody arrangements are frequently an emotional topic in a divorce. Whatever challenges you’re facing, it helps to have an experienced attorney by your side to make sure your agreement is fair and in your children’s best interests.


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