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Our experience with privacy issues developed as a result of many years “in the trenches” of divorce litigation.* There has been an explosion of tracking, surveillance, and recording of individuals in divorce cases (and by private individuals, generally). There are now hundreds of websites selling products that monitor, record, and/or warehouse the private information and private behavior of individuals. This website was created in an effort to resist the overwhelming flood of technology which is being used to invade our privacy.

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A few more differences about Kinney Mason

Wiretap litigation was brought to light recently in a Nebraska case known as Lewton et al. v. Divingnzzo et al. This federal case can be found at 772 F.Supp.2d 1046 (D. Neb., 2011).** The case represents one of, if not the only, reported significant judgment against individuals for violation of the federal wiretap act arising out of a custody dispute. The facts involved a mother, who, with the assistance of her father (the child’s grandfather), secretly recorded the biological father of her toddler child using the child’s teddy bear. Since that time, the founder of snoopshark.com has offered expert testimony and litigated wiretap cases and GPS (invasion of privacy) cases in Nebraska and other states.

You can send us your privacy issue via email for legal analysis. We will confidentially research your phone, GPS, computer or tracking/recording device issue and give you a speedy opinion on what your rights might be.